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A Data Modeling Library

Posted 5/12/2020

As you also may have noticed, I’m the organizer of the Data Modeling Meetup Munich and very interested in closing knowledge gaps related to data modeling and data architecture.

Therefore, the following list is intended as a reading list for people who want to get started with or deepen their knowledge about data modeling. And if you’re already very knowledgeable in this area, maybe it motivates you to have a look at one of the classics again ...

British Museum reading roomBritish Museum reading room

By Diliff [CC BY-SA], via Wikimedia Commons



These books introduce promising new takes on the old conceptual model.

Data Vault

Cautionary note: There is still a lot going on in the data vault space. While there are few recent additions, there’s not the one book that really reflects the current state of data vault thinking.





For an overview on the different kinds of time, see my presentation Interesting Times.

This list is an updated and expanded version of an earlier LinkedIn article. An updated version of this list is now available here.