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Model Your Reality: Modern Data Modeling for Agile Organizations 


Many organizations today struggle with issues like a strong disconnect between business model and IT systems, data distributed over a high number of non-integrated IT systems, manual interfaces between incompatible applications or difficulties with GDPR compliance.

Most if not all of these issues can be traced back to an abundance of unspecific, inflexible and non-aligned data models underlying the applications they use to conduct their business. Often, these data models have been developed with insufficient business involvement and in isolation from each other.

This course teaches you a practical team-oriented 4-step data modeling approach that allows you both to document how your business actually works now (the reality you have) and to build a solid foundation for the processes and applications that will make it work the way you need it to in the future (the reality you want).


The course includes is conducted in an interactive atmosphere that leaves enough room for addressing your questions and real-life concerns.

The 4-step Model Your Reality approach will both be demonstrated by the instructor as well as applied in group exercises by the participants themselves.

If the course is conducted in-house, the case studies can be adapted to your own organization to make it even easier to see the connection to your daily work.


In this 1-day modern data modeling course, you will learn to recognize the issues that prevent organizations from building cost-effective IT solutions today, how to build understandable, easily extensible data models tailor-made for your organization and how to leverage these models to avoid those issues in the future.

Having tried out the Model Your Reality approach yourself on a relatable case study, you will be ready to apply it to your organization and reap the benefits.


The training day runs from 9 am to 5 pm, including a lunch break.

In this professional hands-on training, the following topics are covered:

  • Organizational Pain Points Today
  • Modeling Your Reality in 4 Simple Steps
  • Step 1: Interesting Instances (with exercise)
  • Step 2: Common Classifications (with exercise)
  • Step 3: Logical Design (with exercise)
  • Step 4: Physical Implementation (with exercise)
  • Towards a Model-Driven Organization
  • Additional Applications & Outlook

Target Audience

The course is designed for people who want to learn a practical approach for creating data models for all kinds of use cases out of a small number of simple examples. It is suitable for architects, business analysts, business sponsors, data modelers, developers, product owners and everybody who wants the applications, databases and reports they work with to be based on understandable and easily extensible data models tailor-made for their organization.


  • Fondness for discussions
  • Interest in non-technical business topics
  • Database experience helpful but not necessary

If you want to know more about the course or schedule one for your organization, please contact us.

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